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Toontown N Accounts

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Toontown N Accounts

Post by Waterbird on Wed Jun 16 2010, 05:53

a Reminder Of TTN Policy and Rule of the Accounts.

two Toontown N' accounts is NOT allowed, we encourage family members to
make their own accounts or to share one. Giving someone an account is
only allowed if you contact an admin FIRST. Using someones account at
your house is allowed IF you contact an admin, and let them know what
you are doing, and that you have permission. Having two accounts can
result in both accounts banned. We will warn you through PM, and after
24 hours if you haven't responded you will be banned on both accounts.

We take this rule Very seriously

We do occasion Check ups on the Accounts And see if nobody is breaking this Rule.
If we find a user repeatedly breaking this rule will be Suspended from TTN indefinitely

Follow the COPPA rule If you dont you will be Put under it's Restrictions.


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