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Power to the Karters (Complete Karting Guide)

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Power to the Karters (Complete Karting Guide)

Post by Cool Bingo on Sun May 23 2010, 05:58

Okay this forum is going to be a bit complicated to explain. Basically i will be telling you what not and what to do in Goofy's speedway karting. Let's start out with the basics. Goofy's Speedway is located in Toontown Central next to the clothing shop (the big tire entrance). Once in Goofy's Speedway you will be able to teleport there by your map (which is good if you can't teleport to Toontown Central yet). Once inside Goofy's Speedway walk straight into the building. There will be clerks and talk to one of them. You start out with 200 tickets (will explain more about tickets later). Just buy the cruiser for 100 and keep the other 100 for entering races etc. (battle races cost tickets and practice don't except they don't give u as much as a reward as battle).
You may understand this and if good than you might not even need to read this, or you may be confused so keep reading. Tickets are the current Goofy Speedway currency (Or like jellybeans just for Goofy's Speedway) Tickets can only be one in races in Goofy's speedway, you can not purchase tickets you have to win them. A race can be entered freely (Practice runs) or it can be entered as competition (Battle runs). A race can have 4 people in it at a time. You will simply walk to the outline of a rectangle press okay in the box and your toon will throw his car on the track.

Okay so every time you enter a battle race it will cost tickets. Every time you finish a battle race u will receive the amount of tickets you spent plus more depending on how good you did in the race (best way to earn tickets is to race with lots of people). Now in the Goofy's Speedway shop there are two different kinds of things you can purchase, 1. Karts- The cruiser, Toon utility vehicle,and the roadster. 2. Accessories- Paint (new color each purchase), horns, wheels, stripes, stickers, etc.

Each accessory is a different price and the cruiser is 100 tickers toon utility vehicle is 2500 tickets and the roadster 7500 tickets. Now about laff boosts and trophies. In golfing and karting each time you get ten trophies you automatically get a laff boost and there is 33 trophies in karting (3 laff boosts ones don't count) and 33 trophies in golfing (same with karting). Here is a list of trophies from karting and how to unlock them and be sure to check out my other forums on my complete uber guide, complete gardening guide, and complete golfing guide. Also Race gags (picked up randomly in presents). In battle races are used to hit your opponents to get an advantage and they are banana peal, anvil, whole cream pie, and arrows and to use them you simply press the control key on your keyboard and you will know what they when you use them.

List of Trophies.

Trophy 1: 1 Speedway Race Qualified
Trophy 2: 10 Speedway Races Qualified
Trophy 3: 100 Speedway Races Qualified
Trophy 4: 1 Rural Race Qualified
Trophy 5: 10 Rural Races Qualified
Trophy 6: 100 Rural Races Qualified
Trophy 7: 1 Urban Race Qualified
Trophy 8: 10 Urban Races Qualified
Trophy 9: 100 Urban Races Qualified
Trophy 10: 100 Total Races Qualified
Trophy 11: 1 Speedway Race Won
Trophy 12: 10 Speedway Races Won
Trophy 13: 100 Speedway Races Won
Trophy 14: 1 Rural Race Won
Trophy 15: 10 Rural Races Won
Trophy 16: 100 Rural Races Won
Trophy 17: 1 Urban Races Won
Trophy 18: 10 Urban Races Won
Trophy 19: 100 Urban Races Won
Trophy 20: 100 Total Races Won
Trophy 21: 1 Tournament Race Qualified
Trophy 22: 5 Tournament Races Qualified
Trophy 23: 25 Tournament Races Qualified
Trophy 24: 1 Tournament Race Won
Trophy 25: 5 Tournament Races Won
Trophy 26: 25 Tournament Races Won
Trophy 27: 1 Tournament Race Swept (win all three races)
Trophy 28: 5 Tournament Races Swept (win all three races)
Trophy 29: 25 Tournament Races Swept (win all three races)
Trophy 30: Grand Touring (race once on every track normal and reversed)
Trophy 31: (Laff Point Boost): 10 Kart Racing Trophys Won!
Trophy 32: (Laff Point Boost): 20 Kart Racing Trophys Won!
Trophy 33: (Laff Point Boost): 30 Kart Racing Trophys Won!
Cool Bingo
Cool Bingo

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Post by Ryan on Mon May 24 2010, 12:11

Must have taken awhile to type. My forum has no long messages like that Razz, I have my fellow staff type long messages.

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Re: Power to the Karters (Complete Karting Guide)

Post by Andrew on Sat Jun 05 2010, 11:20

alot of words lol but i love the guide and im still not maxed in it lol

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Re: Power to the Karters (Complete Karting Guide)

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