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Toontown UK Server News

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Toontown UK Server News

Post by Debbie on Tue Jun 01 2010, 07:48

Toontown news

17 May 2010 Big Changes for Toontown!

Disney is making important changes to Toontown that will affect the website you use to access your account, and what part of Disney manages your Toontown account.

Later this year, U.K. guests will have their accounts moved to U.S. systems, allowing access to the U.S. Toontown website, community events, game blog, and more updates than you can shake a Doodle at! U.K. guests will be able to login, play and manage their accounts on the new website, with no interruption.

What this means for you:

* If you agree to have your account moved, no action is necessary at this time – we will move your account information automatically. No changes will be made before August 15, 2010.*
* If you choose not to move your account, you will not be able to login and play Toontown starting later this year. If this is what you prefer, please email customer service and a Customer Service Representative will contact you soon about refunding any balance on your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Service. You can also check out the FAQs.

See you in Toontown!

*The control and ownership of your account data and the entity providing service for your account will be moved from a U.K. entity to a U.S. entity. Click here to see the U.S. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Member Agreement, and EULA that your account will be subject to. You will have to agree to all of these terms in order to confirm your account move. Please review all terms carefully. You can also check out the FAQs for more information about the change. No changes will be made before August 15, 2010.
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