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Toontown N' Site Rules
Hello, and welcome to Toontown N'! We are mainly about the Disney's game Toontown Online, but we do have Off game topic forums. Please read and know these rules to help the moderators, and admins not to have to "Clean up after you" so to speak as in remind you, suspend you or maybe even ban you. We don't like giving out bans just as much as you don't like receiving them so please read and know our fairly short amount of rules.
Added By Ryan: If you essentially break a rule you will be Pm'd a Warning with a Quote of the rule you have broken. If you continue to break that same rule you may be suspended.
Forum Posting
Forum posting starts out simple, all your posts will be managed by us until you are out of the "Newbie User" zone. This will be decided when we think it is ready for you as a user. Any posts not about the particular subject will be removed and put into a more "right" zone. We do NOT allow certain links and you can find out which links we DO allow in the approved links section, or you can contact an admin or moderator about a link before post, and if you decide to not follow these we have no choice, but to suspend you or will warn you.
We do not allow bad language here on Toontown N', but we do allow slang terms such as "Crap" and "Sucks" but if you abuse this we will not allow it. Bad language will result in an immediate suspension for the sake of our users. So pretty much don't say or do anything you wouldn't do in front of your parents.
The term "Dis" means to put down others or reject. We do not allow major dissing, but calling someone a "jerk" is acceptable just not if it is over used. Putting someone down or rejecting someone will result in a warning through Private Message (PM). Do not call someone a curse word or "Freaking Idiot" we will warn or suspend for these matters.
Any posts that are hateful or mean in nature will be removed immediately. We do not tolerate attacks based on race, religion, gender, personal orientation, or political affiliation or any posts indicating grieving other users on the forums or in game by purposefully causing them to go sad because of their laugh limit, gag limit, age, etc.. No personal threats or harassment. This includes posting pictures representing an attack. Debate opinions and not the people behind them. This also applies to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures. Naming Names This falls under "Flaming". Naming people or their characters in negative light is not permitted. That person is not able to defend themselves or their actions and what seems like an inappropriate action, which can often be a simple misunderstanding, can lead to a negative reaction against that toon (avoidance, revenge). If someone griefs you in the game, report it to game staff. If someone griefs you on this site, PM an admin or moderator or report their posts.
Personal Info
Some personal info is allowed such as Disney's Toontown toon names, pictures of your toons, and toon info. But some personal info is NOT allowed such as pictures of your real life self, e-mail addresses, aim addresses, face books, myspaces, twitters, phone numbers, fax numbers, home addresses, specific locations, and your full name. All this will end up in an immediate suspension, and again don't do anything you wouldn't do in front of your parents.
Secondary Accounts
Having two Toontown N' accounts is NOT allowed, we encourage family members to make their own accounts or to share one. Giving someone an account is only allowed if you contact an admin FIRST. Using someones account at your house is allowed IF you contact an admin, and let them know what you are doing, and that you have permission. Having two accounts can result in both accounts banned. We will warn you through PM, and after 24 hours if you haven't responded you will be banned on both accounts.
Thanks for reading the Toontown N' site rules stay clean, and fun around the site! :D